Assisted Management Solutions, Inc. (AMS) is an SBA 8(a) certified economically disadvantaged, minority- and woman-owned small business.  AMS provides technical expertise in the areas of environmental consulting and management system implementation, customized software design, integrated logistics, and facilities information management. Please view our AMS Capabilities Statement for further details and recent projects.

NAICS: 541330, 541511, 541512, 541513, 541611, 541614, 541620, 541690


Contracting Vehicles

The Small Business Administration allows sole-sourced contracts with AMS for up to four million dollars.  Email offer letters to mdofferletters@sba.gov.

AMS is a prime contract holder under the Seaport-e program for Zones 1, 2, and 4.

AMS is the prime contractor on NAVFAC Washington IDIQ (N40080-17-D-0314).

AMS is the managing venturer of AMS-Rhea Joint Venture, who was awarded a NAVFAC Washington IDIQ (N40080-14-D-00325).

AMS services can also be accessed through our GSA professional services schedules (GS00F381GA).

AMS is Certified DCAA Compliant.


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Lisa Gregory is an outstanding contractor.  She has worked on several projects for us and has been very hard working, diligent, and always provided a great quality product on time and within budget.  She works hard to meet the expectation and provide the desired product and has often identified alternatives that significantly improve the product without increasing cost appreciably.

She originally was a staffer on a project to help set up an Environmental Management System (EMS) at the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC) that would meet the international standards.  It was evident from the work provided that she listened to us and would provide what we wanted and not what the contractor thought should be provided.  When she changed jobs we sought out her new firm to continue a very productive relationship. 

In 2004, we expanded her scope to include development of a database system to simplify the management of the EMS and to help insure conformance with the standard.  She not only managed the project but led the development effort and produced an excellent product very quickly and within budget.  We worked with the program and found it to be very user-friendly.  We expanded her scope again to include development of additional functions.  Soon afterwards, the program was adopted by our parent organization (Bureau of Medicine) with a few tweaks to make it functional for multiple hospitals and the addition of reporting and administrative rights appropriate for that type of database.  Lisa then provided training and went well beyond the required level of service to include uploading of numerous documents and explaining in great detail how to accomplish many tasks and significantly improved the other facilities ability to also become certified.  Due largely to Lisa’s efforts, NNMC was the third Navy facility to have an audited EMS, the first Hospital to do so, and the first Navy facility to implement a fenceline to fenceline EMS.  The Navy was so impressed with the software that, with some additional work by Lisa, they adopted it Navy-wide. 

Currently, she is working on a facility information management project at NNMC and is leading the effort to catalog, index, and track all facility-related drawings and documents.  Lisa’s skills, attention to detail, and great work ethic are the foundation of her continued success.

Brian Hillis

Naval Support Activity Bethesda
Building 14, Code 5400
8901 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20889-5600



Dr. Lisa Gregory developed our Command's Environmental Management System (EMS) to comply with Executive Order 13148. Her understanding of the organization, its mission and scope of care in a most complex military environment, gave rise to separate program management manuals (for over 12 environmental programs) that detailed each manager’s mission requirements and procedures for delivering training and services to meet compliance requirements. In understanding these needs, she enabled each manager to provide self evaluation and development of targets and objectives for continuous improvement. One of the prime requirements for achieving such development was the information loop which provides top management with firm understanding of organizational function and status so that informed decisions can be made for improvement.

Dr. Gregory's outstanding technical background and ability to listen to user needs has enabled her to conceive, formulate, and develop an amazing set of analytic tools with which the NNMC meets its EPCRA requirements and inspection needs.  Dr. Gregory is the architect of the chemical inventory database or Authorized Use List (AUL) which contains over 23,000 line items and over 6,000 individual chemical species. The NNMC required a database that could be queried from anywhere within an organizational structure to provide quantitative information in a drill-down format. It allows for both technical laboratory staff and medical staff data input which is then converted from numerous unit designations (oz, mil, lbs, gal, etc) to pounds as required by the EPA. The AUL database also allows for changes in the organization such that divisions or departments may be moved from one organization to another to reflect the Commands developing structure with the influx of the Walter Reed organization. The database incorporates the EPCRA threshold levels and alerts the program manager when thresholds are approached within various alert zones. The AUL also "flags" chemical species that are in zone and allows for precise determination as to where such limits are exceeded. The database employs user passwords so that each organizational structure that uses, stores, handles, or disposes of chemical agents has access to only its portion of the inventory and that only the program manager has access to the entire database for maintenance and analytic review for EPCRA submissions.

As the Hazardous Materials Program Manager for the NNMC, I am most appreciative of Dr. Gregory's technical expertise, insights, and ability to formulate products from user concepts.  She has truly helped the NNMC meet its regulatory compliance requirements. Well done "Dr. G"!

Stephen Adams
National Naval Medical Center
Building 14, Code 5400
8901 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20889-5600



Lisa Gregory of Assisted Management Solutions (AMS) is one of the best contractors I have had the pleasure to work with.  She is extremely competent, sensitive to the client’s needs and truly cares about delivering high-quality work.  She has consistently demonstrated great initiative in developing projects and considerable skill in coordinating with and securing “buy-in” from Navy components.  Her interface with base staff and tenant activities has ensured the projects were completed on time, within budget, and with little interruption to base operations.

I first became aware of Lisa through positive comments I received regarding her work from my contacts at the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC).  I invited her to demonstrate the web system she had developed for the Navy Bureau of Medicine (BUMED).  I had need of a database that could assist environmental managers with compliance-related tasks.  I was impressed with the user-friendly BUMED web system.  A few functions I desired were lacking and her quick, on-the-spot suggestions of how to best develop those functions convinced me that she was the individual that should be leading my database design work.  The result was Environmental & Compliance Management System (ECAMS), which was well received by managers across NAVFAC Washington.  Recently, Lisa was involved with revamping the Navy’s Environmental Management System (EMS) website, contributing to a significantly more powerful system that is currently being used Navy-wide. 

Lisa is currently working on a NAVFAC contract to develop and implement a Facility Information Resource Center (FIRC) at the Washington Navy Yard and NNMC.  We are pleased with her team’s performance on the FIRC project; they mobilized equipment and personnel quickly.  I have no doubt our FIRC will be a great success.

Robert L. Williams, PE
Environmental Compliance PLC
NAVFAC Washington



I have known Dr. Gregory for over ten years.  I am the President and Veteran owner of Data Research Group Corporation (DRG) and we have worked as her subcontractor and, more recently, as her customer.

I first met Dr. Gregory in 2004 through a mutual friend of ours.  She was looking for a team of “talented programmers” to help develop an Environmental Management System (EMS) website for the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC).  I was impressed with her preliminary design ideas of how the database should work to best serve those environmental managers who would be using the interface.  She was clearly a subject matter expert in environmental management with a sound understanding of how database solutions connect or relate back to the environmental management processes.

Under the direction and guidance of Dr. Gregory, my team of developers had a fairly complex system up and running in about four months that truly impressed her client.  Dr. Gregory has a very unique ability to understand the client needs and simultaneously communicate them to a room full of developers.  The first version of the web solution was reviewed by a Navy software review panel in 2005 and won the highest score for userability. 

With respect to DRG’s relationship to Dr. Gregory, what had initially appeared to be a relatively short term project has since developed into a prosperous relationship involving years of work.  What was originally a relatively small website serving a small subset of the Navy has since evolved into a highly powerful and sophisticated web solution that is currently in use across the entire Navy.  I attribute the success of this EMS program to Dr. Gregory’s outstanding leadership, business sense, and work ethic.

Edward F. Burg III
Data Research Group, CEO