AMS is a leader in custom software development for both web and access platforms.  Our smart, user-friendly solutions are designed to empower managers at all levels to support decision making, organize critical data for reporting requirements, and help ensure regulatory compliance. 

AMS strives to design user-friendly interfaces so that even employees with minimal computer skills can easily learn how to obtain information about their tasks and assignments.  Our management system web software obtained the highest “user-friendly” score given by a U.S. Navy software review panel in 2005. 

AMS has extensive experience with designing meaningful solutions that do everything from document control to tracking inspections/audits or chemical inventories to performing data calls.  More importantly, our solutions contain a high degree of customization for the end user.  With just a little training, you can be your own administrator controlling user accounts, system security, web content, report templates, checklist templates, data calls, and more without hiring an IT specialist. 

Our Clients

Clients that have used software designed by AMS include the National Naval Medical Center, Naval Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, General Administration Services, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC).  AMS designed EMSWeb, a U.S. Navy wide solution released in August 2010.  The Environmental Compliance and Assessment Management System website (ECAMS), also designed by AMS, was used by NAVFAC Washington until they migrated over to EMSWeb.

Sample Project

AMS is currently the design architect for NAVFAC's Hazardous Waste Management System (HWMS). This enterprise web system will be the Navy's solution to managing all aspects of HW management including tracking waste records, calculating customer billing, managing waste profiles, creating 1348s, tracking delivery orders and outgoing manifest data, creating incoming manifests/BOLs, and much more. HWMS is designed to make data entry as easy as possible by autopopulating many fields from data already found on waste profiles and providing cloning function for similar pickup and waste records. It also provides powerful reporting features (for both compliance and internal needs), tables that are sortable and exportable, and a variety of alerts including letting managers know when wastes are approaching storage limits or when a return manifest copy is approaching the deadline. Many alert and permission settings are easily controlled using the admin interface and nearly every dropdown menu is customized using the references submenu also under the admin interface. A small tutorial is located on the homepage and, once references and alerts are populated, little training is needed to use the system.

Other Services

Environmental Consulting   

Water Resources Engineering and Management   

Facilities Information Services

Radon Services

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