Our Facilities Team are experts at creating, securing, organizing and managing all types of facility information including documents, drawings, images, 3-D models, BIM, and GIS.  We consult on, and manage, facility and construction information at every level including infrastructure, installations, sites, structures, systems, and components.  Our facility information management expertise increases our client’s facility decision support system capabilities, lowers project execution risks, and increases return on information investment during construction, commissioning, and facility management.  We can do everything from staffing a fully functioning Facility Information Resource Center (FIRC) to providing assistance with any technical documents or drawings required during a construction or renovation project. 

Sample Projects

The AMS facility team developed a fully functional FIRC from the ground up for the Washington Navy Yard.  We provided all equipment including a large colored plotter and scanner, high speed document scanners, computers, software, and bar code scanner and organized thousands of drawings and documents including those on microfilm. We designed an MS Access database for indexing, querying, and retrieving all drawings via an easy-to-use query interface. This project paid for itself in a single day when a project manager couldn't find an old Environmental Impact Statement. The document was found by the FIRC librarian saving the Navy hundreds of thousands of dollars for a repeat study. AMS also developed a process to track equipment warranty information.

AMS scanned, indexed, and organized several thousand drawings at NSA Bethesda and developed an MS Access database with the back end on a local server.  A front end with a powerful query interface was designed so that project managers could search and retrieve drawings from their own desktops. AMS also provided a design mockup on MS Access for a project tracking tool.

Other Services

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