Looking for ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE & EMS CONFORMANCE across your entire organization?

IVY stands in a class all its own as the most comprehensive environmental management solution currently on the market.  IVY’s built-in task calendar, document control, objective and target tracking, and inspection checklist creator/scheduler are several of the features that make our solution the clear choice for addressing both regulatory and ISO 14001 requirements.

One Organization – One Solution

  • Real time data management across your entire organization
  • Intelligent support for your organizational structure
  • Access data regardless of geographical location
  • Data aggregation, summarization, and metrics for decision support
  • Customized secure access to all organizational levels

 Total Process Management

  • Comprehensive support for your programs including aspect, asset/equipment, and objective & target tracking
  • Integrated document management with version tracking
  • Checklist creator and inspection scheduler
  • Create custom queries and reports that aggregate data for decision support


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 Comprehensive Communication

  • Active calendaring with integrated support for scheduled tasks, checklists, and objectives & targets
  • Customizable alerts with email notifications
  • Content management via simple text editor – control what personnel view and access
  • Customizable data calls with results tracked statistically

Reporting with Compliance in Mind

  • A compliance tracker that sums key data across all organizations in real-time and allows drill-down navigation to single records
  • Remote software for creating findings in the field and later syncing with online system
  • Track all actions taken to achieve internal goals or resolve findings via a Plan of Action and Milestone report